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The Seymore D’ Fair Foundation, Inc. has developed a new substance awareness and drug education program titled Seymore Says “Don’t Be a Bird Brain!” Avoid Drugs. Lessons and classroom activities centers around the human brain and how good and bad medicines and dangerous substances can affect brain functions.

A pilot program is currently underway in several schools with plans to deliver the program to the remaining 1500 elementary schools across Louisiana reaching 600,000 +/- students during 2017 /2018 school years.

Meeting national visual art, language arts, health, and science education standards, this program is developed specifically for preadolescent children in Elementary and Middle Schools. The program provides a comprehensive learning experience raising their awareness to the risks of misusing medicines and drugs. Teaching units deliver unique hands-on educational experiences, which become the foundation for this ongoing substance awareness program.

The Seymore Says “Don’t Be a Bird Brain!” program is an outcome-driven science based awareness and prevention program, incorporating standard educational principles, risk and protective factors that can be incorporated in any school setting in the United States.


With prescription pain medicine and heroin addiction spreading across the nation, it is critical that we begin educating our youth in their “formative years” through awareness and knowledge. Program goals include:

   Create an entertaining and thought-provoking vehicle, which teaches children 5-11 year of age that drugs are inappropriate and unacceptable for quality living

   Raise the awareness of the hazards of drug use and children’s individual responsibility to reject drug use when influenced by peer groups

Create a network of certified Drug Prevention Facilitators for every Elementary School in the state.


           Address the underserved preadolescence demographic - students grades K-6th

           Introduce the concept of good and bad medicines and dangerous drugs

           Introduce avoidance strategies that can deter or prevent first use

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