This year Red Ribbon Week runs October 23rd through the 31st.  An annual event since it’s inception in 1985, this week provides an opportunity for schools and groups throughout the nation to participate in drug awareness activities and show their support for being drug-free.

 The Red Ribbon campaign began in honor of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena, who was killed while working uncover in Mexico.  Parents and youth across the U.S. began wearing red ribbons in honor of his sacrifice and in an effort to raise awareness of the destruction caused by drugs.

Creating agreement amongst teens can be very powerful force and has the potential to completely change attitudes and behavior, therefore campaigns such as Red Ribbon week which strengthen the agreement to be drug-free are an integral part of any anti-drug effort.  Partnered with effective drug education and prevention programs, we can make substantial progress in steering our younger generation from substance abuse and misuse.

Louisiana Red Ribbon Week Affiliate

The Seymore D’ Fair Foundation is proud to be an Affiliate with the National Family Partnership and Red Ribbon Week.

In recognition, Seymore’s Foundation is preparing statewide activities for the entire week. Activities include the following;

1.      Seymore’s Heroes Program

Seymore’s Heroes program is a student recognition and pledge program centered on positive behavior. Students make their pledge to live drug free lifestyles and receive a certificate of recognition for their pledge. This program comes with Red Ribbon Week school activities and fundraising components.

2.      Seymore Says, “Don’t Be a Bird Brain” Avoid Drugs T-shirt Program

To reinforce program and promote positive behavior, Seymore’s Foundation provides schools with a “drug free” themed t-shirt program. This simple program is coordinated though our Affiliate Product Partner. Participating schools can order directly from our partner, purchasing the program t-shirt at a low wholesale cost. This low wholesale cost allows school to resell shirts for a low retail cost creating a profitable fundraiser that also carries an important drug prevention message.

3.      Seymore School Art, with a Cause!

Seymore’s School Art, with a Cause is a school wide art project that results in a 5’ tall statue of Seymore. The color scheme for your statue is chosen from your school wide design contest. The statue is painted by professional artists, making your Seymore Statue a “One-of-Kind” sculpture. Seymore’s Substance Awareness message gets reinforced on your school campus every day!