Seymore D’ Fair (a.k.a. Seymour D. Fair) is a funny cartoon & costume character who was the official mascot of the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition.  His witty name is derived from the N’Awlins “Yat” phrase “See more of the fair”.  A cartoon character creation by artist Robert Whitney  and Gary Goddard, celebrated theme park and Walt Disney costume designer, Seymore is not your ordinary cartoon and mascot character. He has the unique distinction of being the “World’s 1st-Ever” character mascot in the history of Bureau International des Expositions  (BIE) World’s Fairs & Expositions.

From Los Angeles to New York to Paris and London, Seymore performed on the world stage promoting the New Orleans World’s Fair.  Back home in the Big Easy he and his best friend Pepe’ la Gator entertained over 7,000,000+ visitors bringing smiles and laughter to all who experienced their magnanimous personalities. 

Seymore had many notable moments during his reign including promotional tours throughout the US and even in Europe.  Once while in France, Seymore was escorted out of the Louvre for being too ‘spectacular’.  During the 1984 Republican National Convention, he made a big splash rubbing feathers on stage with the likes of George H. W. Bush, Vice-President of the United States.  Back in Washington DC, Seymore hung out with Billy Joel at the White House entertaining wives of Russian Diplomats.  Performing in 10’s of 100’s of live appreances, programs, and televsion shows, Seymore even appeared on Saturday Night Live … filmed guarding an entrance to the White House with Secret Service Agents!

          Seymore’s whimsical and magical personality contributed greatly to him becoming the most recognizable World's Fair mascot in the modern age of International Expositions and World’s Fairs.  As a result, he and his band of critter friends have garnered numerous honors and special recognition on a local, state, national, and international level.

His exemplary contributions to Louisiana and World Expositions earned him an exhibition & induction into the Louisiana State Museum and the Smithsonian. Seymore will be inducted into the World Expo Museum, the first Museum dedicated to World Expo’s, opening in Shanghai China.