All-Stars & Champions for a Drug Free America

Who are Seymore’s All-Stars & Champions?

Any education and law enforcement professional who voluntarily takes an interest in the adoption, implementation and success of the Seymore Drugs Education Initiatives in their respective communities and schools.

The vision for School and Community Substance Awareness & Drug Prevent

  • As the Louisiana Affiliate for the National Family Partnership, create a state-wide annual drug prevention effort during Red Ribbon Week, which educates and informs families, schools, and communities that drugs are inappropriate and unacceptable for quality living

  • Foster and support parents and school engagement thereby improve the learning, development, and health of children in all communities

  • Assist School Districts in providing comprehensive and evolving substance awareness and drug prevention programs

Why do we need All-Stars and Champions? Educators and Law Enforcement Retirees who become certified program facilitators greatly enhance the likelihood of program success. As critical sentries, Seymore’s All-Stars and Champions are devoted and committed to delivering a winning program that engages students, parents, schools, and communities.

What is the goal of our All-Star and Champions program?

  • Increase school-wide support

  • Build stronger drug prevention advocacy in schools and across the community

  • Recruit and develop program advocates so they can encourage and influence drug prevention across the community and in schools

What is expected of all stars and Champions?

  • Appropriately allocate and organize program resources to ensure the successful adoption, implementation, and completion of the program curriculum

  • Identifying and eliminating obstacles that may threaten a program’s viability within their respective schools

  • Assist and work with the faculty to ensure the vision for the program is successfully translated into the classrooms

What does an All-Star and Champion do?

Certified program facilitators located within or assigned to individual schools are responsible for assisting the faculty in program implementation. They ensure that       school administration and faculty are engaged and behind the program's ultimate success.


2017 Lafayette Workshop - Seymore D Fair Champions Graduating Class

Champion educators

  • Callie Gautreaux, St. Genevieve

  • Aimee Guy, St. Genevieve

  • Michelle Bertrand, Mt. Carmel Elementary

  • Calre Beth Boudreaux, Mt. Carmel Elementary

  • April Reed, Redemptorist Catholic

  • Callie Reiners, Redemptorist Catholic

  • Kay Guidry, Maltrait Memorial

  • Renee Meaux, Maltrait Memorial

  • Jennifer Hebert, Carencro Catholic

  • Shawn Stokley, LPSS - Sex Ed

  • Spencer Babineaux, LPSS - Sex Ed

  • Shauna LeBlanc, LPSS

  • Andre Deshotel, LPSS

  • Jamie LaFleur, LPSS

  • Meg Soprano, Prairie Elementary

  • Suzanne Neuhrth, Our Mother of Peace

  • Margaret Munoz, St. Pius

  • Jennifer Lasseigne, St. Pius

  • Shana Chappuis, Cathedral Carmel

  • Holly Leger, St. Cecilia

  • Dina Capritt, St. Cecilia

  • April Clements, St. John Elementary

  • Brittany Prejean, St. Ignatius

  • Lisa LaBlanc, UL Lafayette

  • Nanette Cook, Cathedral Carmel

  • Rebecca Marler, Cathedral Carmel

  • Dara Johnson, Pontchartrain Elementary