Help Us by promoting Seymore’s plates!

Help Seymore Promote a “Drug-Free Louisiana!”

Seymore needs your help to get more plates on the road!  After all, the more plates on the road, the more money for drug awareness and prevention for Louisiana children.

Here is how you can help:

  • Buy One!

    Join our mission by purchasing Seymore’s “Drug-Free plate.  This is the best way to promote the plate!

  • Email Campaign

    Contact all your friends and family and encourage them to purchase Seymore’s Drug-Free Louisiana plate. 

  • Social Media Campaign

    Take a picture of your plate and share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat

  • Yard Sign Campaign

    Contact us about sponsoring an 18”x24” yard sign. What better way to display your family’s commitment to supporting a “Drug-Free” Louisiana.

    Each Yard Sign is customized with your family or business name showing your support for “Drug-Free” Louisiana.

    Cost of customized sign is $49.95 and includes shipping and handling.

Web Art - Yard Sign Mock up - Lemoine Family Instructions_011619.png

To order your customized yard sign, click the button below and thank you for supporting a “Drug-Free” Louisiana!