“Drug-Free” Merchandise

Seymore’s Foundation offers products to support your drug awareness message year round. Our products are offered through our verified vendor program. Merchandise can be ordered individually (retail) or in volume (wholesale).

Seymore’s Drug Free Apparel

Customizable t-shirts for any school

Customizable t-shirts for any school

Seymore Standalone Cutouts | by “Fathead”

Seymore’s Drug-Free Apparel FOR EVERYDAY

Seymore’s Drug-Free T-shirts and other merchandise will be available soon through our online store.

Check back soon to order your “Drug-Free!” apparel!

Drug-Free T-shirts for school FUNDRAISERS

Seymore’s Drug-Free T-shirts are available to all schools. School PTA’s and Parent organization can use T-shirts as a fundraiser and can be purchased directly through our verified vendor.

Students can proudly wear their customized Drug Free T-shirts year round!

Seymore “Selfies” For substance awareness

We offer a 72” x 44” Seymore Standalone. Produced by “Fathead” this durable Seymore cut-out provides students and faculty an opportunity to share their pledge of living a “drug-free'“ life! Post selfie photos online or on your school website. Free Shipping!