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Kiki’s Red Ribbon School Celebration

To celebrate the legacy of DEA Special Agent Kiki Camareno, not for a week, but all year long! Team Seymore has developed Seymore Salutes “Kiki’s Red Ribbon Celebration” for 2018. Kiki’s celebration is designed to facilitate school and community engagement across Louisiana to keep children and families safe and drug free.

Seymore encourages all Louisiana communities to support the “Louisiana Is Better with ME 100% Drug-Free!” campaign and for schools to join “Seymore Salutes Kiki’s Red Ribbon Celebration” throughout the school year.

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Official Louisiana “Drug-Free” License Plates

Starting this Fall 2018, Louisiana vehicle owners can purchase Seymore’s “Louisiana is Better with ME 100% Drug-Free!” specialty license plate and help the children of Louisiana by promoting a life drug free.

When vehicle owners by a “Louisiana is Better with ME 100% Drug-Free!” plate, proceeds from their purchase are dedicated to supporting the creation of drug awareness, education and prevention programs for elementary and middle schools that promote drug-free lifestyles, while spreading Seymore’s drug-free lifestyle message across the streets, roads and highways of Louisiana.

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“America is Better with ME 100% Drug Free!”

Seymore is proud to announces the creation of a new state and national drug awareness and prevention campaign for 2018. Titled “America & Louisiana Is Better with ME 100% Drug-Free!”. This drug awareness and prevention campaign is designed to educate and promote a drug-free communities through drug awareness, prevention, school-based education, and community engagement efforts!

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Seymore Says “Don’t Be a Bird Brain” Avoid Drug!

Developed in response to increasing data reflecting the prevalence of tobacco, alcohol, and substance exposure among preadolescent youth the Seymore D’ Fair Foundation has developed the Seymore Says, “Don’t Be A Bird Brain” Avoid Drugs! Program.

This exciting new drug education curriculum is developed by ‘educators for students’ illuminates the human brain and the effects of medicine and drug use and misuse. The program combines hands-on classroom activities, pre and post assessments and take-home components creating an imaginative and comprehensive learning experience for students while advancing parental and community engagement.

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Community Engagement

“Working with parents, professional educators, and law enforcement, Team Seymore’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for all children by developing innovative programs and initiatives that promote healthy and positive drug-free lifestyles.”


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Team Seymore Needs You!

Now more than ever our communities need your help. Retired educators, law enforcement .... join Team Seymore and help your area schools become a "Drug-Free!" Model School. You can contribute by donating your time, talent, and treasure to further a causes that impacts everyone. Contact us to learn how you can get involved!


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Seymore Salutes "Kiki's Red Ribbon Celebration 2018" is available to all elementary and middle schools.

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Team Seymore is activity recruiting retired educators and law enforcement personnel to join our "Champions" program. 

Our Champions help facilitate drug education initiatives in your community.

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Our foundation is funded through the generous contributions of people like you. Your contributions make it possible for Team Seymore to continue to develop comprehensive drug awareness and prevention programs in your community.