Preadolescent Drug Education

Seymore Says “Don’t Be A Bird Brain” Avoid Drug!

A Private Sector Substance Prevention Initiative

Developed in response to increasing data reflecting the prevalence of tobacco, alcohol, and substance exposure among preadolescent youth the Seymore D’ Fair Foundation has developed the Seymore Says, “Don’t Be A Bird Brain” Avoid Drugs! Program.

This exciting new prevention program developed by ‘educators for students’ illuminates the human brain and the effects of medicine and drug use and misuse. The program combines hands-on classroom activities, pre and post assessments and take-home components creating an imaginative and comprehensive learning experience for students while advancing parental and community engagement.

Goals & Objectives

With illegal and prescription drug abuse and addiction spreading across communities, it is critical that drug education begins during student’s “formative years.” This program is designed to:

  • Create an entertaining and thought-provoking vehicle, which teaches children 5-11 years of age that drugs are inappropriate and unacceptable for quality living

  • Introduce the concept of good & bad medicines and dangerous drugs and avoidance strategies that can deter or prevent first use

  • Assist School Districts in complying with LA RS 17:154 & 17:404, mandating all state Elementary and Middle schools provide 16 hours of annual drug prevention instruction, per student, per grade level.

Constructive and Active Learning Approach

The program utilizes multiple instructional and learning strategies, divided into four teaching units that meet local and national visual and language arts, health, and science education standards.

Learning Outcomes

The Seymore Says “Don’t Be a Bird Brain!” educational program is a health and science-based program focused on substance awareness and avoidance. The program follows an efficacy-based model of design and continuous measurement and improvement.

Program Delivery | Seymore’s Model schools

With classroom beta testing complete in spring of 2016, the program move to a scaled pilot program the fall of 2017.

Seymore Says "Don't Be A Bird Brain" Avoid Drugs! Program

Program Ambassadors & Champions

  • Kathleen Blanco | Former Louisiana Governor

  • James Pohlman | Sheriff, St. Bernard Parish

  • Mark Garber | Sheriff, Lafayette Parish

  • Newell Normand | Sheriff, Former Jefferson Parish

  • Joseph Lapinto | Sheriff, Jefferson Parish

  • Toby Aguillard | Police Chief, City of Lafayette

  • Leon Cannizzaro | District Attorney, Orleans Parish

  • Keith Stutes | District Attorney, Lafayette Parish

  • Fr. Pat Williams | Vicar General. Archdioceses of NO

  • Anna Larriviere | SuperintendentDiocese of Lafayette

  • Don Aguillard | Superintendent, Lafayette Parish Schools

  • Kevin Hartmann | CEO, DEA Educational Foundation

  • Seton Jenkins | Program Director, GNODDRC