Ambassadors for A Drug Free America

Who are Seymore’s Ambassadors?

Any individual who voluntarily takes an interest in the adoption, promotion, and support of the Seymore D'Fair Foundation and our drug awareness, education, and prevention initiative in their respective communities.

The vision for School and Community Substance Awareness & Drug Prevention is:

  • As the Louisiana Affiliate for the National Family Partnership, create a state-wide annual drug prevention effort during Red Ribbon Week, which educates and informs families, schools, and communities that drugs are inappropriate and unacceptable for quality living

  • Foster and support parents and school engagement thereby improve the learning, development, and health of children in all communities

  • Assist School Districts in providing comprehensive and evolving substance awareness and drug prevention programs

  • Assist School Districts in complying with applicable state statutes and educational system mandates related to drug awareness, education, and prevention training

Why do we need Ambassadors?

Program Ambassadors, like All-Stars and Champions, greatly enhance the likelihood of program success. These critical sentries are devoted to promoting a winning program that engages students, parents, schools, and communities.

What is the goal of our Ambassador program?

  • Increase support throughout the community

  • Build stronger drug prevention advocacy across the community

  • Develop program advocates so they can encourage and influence drug prevention efforts in the community

What is expected of Ambassadors?

  • Build community support by promoting program initiatives and sharing situational knowledge with the community

  • Lead by example by maintaining an active, positive presence in the community

  • Advocate for Seymore Says, “Don’t Be a Bird Brain” Avoid Drugs! Program

What does an Ambassador do?

Ambassadors are local individuals who engage their communities by speaking or participating in events such as teacher certification workshops, school efforts, and relevant events to share their support for drug-free schools and communities. They may also share their support through TV, radio, internet blogs, social media, and in local newspapers.

Seymore D Fair | Ambassador's Shield


  • Kathleen Blanco | Former Louisiana Governor

  • Harold Patin | Retired, DEA Special Agent

  • Craig Wiles | Retired, A-SAC DEA New Orleans Division

  • Warren Riveria | Retired, A-SAC DEA New Orleans Division

  • Newell Normand | Retired, Sheriff Jefferson Parish

  • Joseph Lopinto | Sheriff, Jefferson Parish

  • James Pohlman | Sheriff, St. Bernard Parish

  • Mark Garber | Sheriff, Lafayette Parish

  • Toby Aguillard | Police Chief, City of Lafayette

  • Nanette Cook | Council Member, Lafayette Consolidated Government

  • Clay Madden | Council Member, City of Mandeville

  • Leon Cannizzaro | District Attorney, Orleans Parish

  • Keith Stutes | District Attorney, Lafayette Parish

  • Fr. Pat Williams | Vicar General. Archdiocese of New Orleans

  • Fr. Chester Arceneaux, VF | Pastor | Cathedral Carmel, Lafayette

  • Paul Varisco – Executive Director, Team Gleason Foundation

  • Anna Larriviere | Superintendent, Diocese of Lafayette

  • Don Aguillard | Superintendent, Lafayette Parish Schools

  • Kevin Hartmann | Former Executive Director, DEA Educational Foundation

  • Seton Jenkins | GNO Drug Demand Reduction Coalition

  • Michelle Richard | Knowledge Effect of Lafayette