“A preadolescent or adolescent who smokes tobacco or drinks alcohol is 65 times more likely to use marijuana, for example, than someone who abstains.” – Pediatrics

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Although illegal drugs take their toll on American society, 2 legal drugs—alcohol and tobacco—pose perhaps the greatest danger to children and teenagers. Both represent significant gateway drugs and are among the earliest drugs used by children or teenagers. A preadolescent or adolescent who smokes tobacco or drinks alcohol is 65 times more likely to use marijuana, for example, than someone who abstains.4 The younger the age at which experimentation occurs, the greater the risk of serious health problems.5 Every year, more than 400 000 Americans die from illnesses directly related to cigarette use—more than from AIDS, car crashes, murder, and suicide combined.6 More than 100 000 deaths annually can be attributed to excessive alcohol consumption,7 including the death of 5000 people younger than 21 years.8 Drug use also represents one of many risky behaviors that occur during adolescence: teenagers who report that at least half of their friends are sexually active are 31 times more likely to drink, 5 times more likely to smoke, and 22 times more likely to try marijuana than are teenagers who do not report such a high prevalence of sexual activity among friends.9

Children, Adolescents, Substance Abuse, and the Media | American Academy of Pediatrics | Policy Statement October 2010


To offset risk associated with preadolescent and adolescent tobacco and alcohol risk Seymore is proud to announce the creation of a new state and national drug awareness, education, and prevention campaigns for 2019. These campaigns are designed to educate preadolescent and adolescent students and promote drug-free communities through awareness, prevention, school-based education, and parental engagement. To access all campaigns, click here …


Drug Awareness Campaign | Louisiana’s Official 2019 “Louisiana is Better with ME 100% Drug-Free” License Plate

Community Drug Awareness | “Drug-Free” Vehicle License Plates

Starting December 2019, Louisiana vehicle owners can order Seymore’s “Louisiana is Better with ME 100% Drug-Free!” specialty license plate and help the children of Louisiana by promoting a life drug free.

When vehicle owners purchase a “Louisiana is Better with ME 100% Drug-Free!” plate, proceeds from their purchase are dedicated to supporting the creation of drug awareness, education and prevention programs for elementary and middle schools throughout the state.


Drug Prevention Campaign | Kiki’s Red Ribbon Celebration | 5-day School Activity Program

Seymore salutes “Kiki’s Red ribbon school celebration”

To celebrate the legacy of DEA Special Agent Kiki Camarena, not for a week, but all year long! Team Seymore has developed Seymore Salutes “Kiki’s Red Ribbon Celebration”. Kiki’s celebration is designed to facilitate school and community engagement across Louisiana and America to keep children and families safe and drug free.

This program is “FREE” and Seymore encourages all communities to support the “America & Louisiana Is Better with ME 100% Drug-Free!” campaign and for schools to join Seymore Salutes “Kiki’s Red Ribbon Celebration” throughout the school year.


Drug Education Campaign | Elementary & Middle School Drug Education Curriculum

Seymore Says “Don’t be a bird brain, avoid drugs!”

Scheduled for release during the 2019/2020 school year, this exciting new drug education curriculum is developed by ‘educators for students’ illuminates the human brain and the effects of medicine and drug use and misuse. The program combines hands-on classroom activities, pre and post assessments and take-home components creating an imaginative and comprehensive learning experience for students while advancing parental and community engagement.

OUR GOAL | Impact Students & Teachers

Teacher Drug Education Training

… in the classroom!

Beginning 2019, Team Seymore’s goal is to introduce annual drug prevention education to every Elementary and Middle school student. To reach that goal, Team Seymore will provide individual drug education training to 30,000 educators employed in 1500 charter, parochial, private, and public schools in Louisiana. In turn, these trained educators will provide classroom instruction to more 600,000 Elementary and Middle school students.


Elementary & Middle School students

Reaching the undeserved K-6th grade demographic


Elementary & Middle School Educators

Providing annual substance prevention instruction and teacher certification


Elementary & Middle Schools

Introducing and implementing annually drug prevention education in all elementary and middle schools